Round Bread – Gwaramari

Round bread translates literally into Nepalese as Gwaramari, in the Katmandu Val- ley region. It is often served with milk tea or chutney, and it is said to be best

Tchai / Chaï (Nepal tea)

Originally from India, chai tea is on the menu of countless restaurants in India, Nepal, Pakistan and probably other surrounding countries. Ingredients : 2 1/4 T of water3

Sel Roti

These typical Nepalese doughnuts are traditionally served during religious festivities and weddings. Ingredients for 6 : banana 0.5 Mild butter 60 grams Vegetable fat for frying in bread

Dal Bhat

Ingredients:215 g of yellow (Toor dal) or brown lentils1 medium onion, chopped1 tsp dried red pepper flakes1 small chopped tomato1/2 teaspoon turmeric1 chopped clove of garlic2 tbsp. olive

Lamb Biryani

IngredientsFor the lamb:Lamb in pieces -800 gramsOnion, chopped-3 largeChopped ginger – one piece about 5 cm longChopped garlic-8 clovesTomatoes-2Yoghurt-1 tablespoonCoriander powder-2 teaspoonsGaram Masala-1 teaspoonTip: If you can’t find